EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY are coming to the 7th year in 2022, keeping the objective to be the business platform for the industry to connect buyers and sellers, marketplace for technology, products and services as well as arena for innovation in business. People come to EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY to meet with reliable suppliers and to find out the latest technology to help their businesses excel.

Companies exhibit in EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY to display their best and latest products and services in the market. More than just exhibition, EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY offer opportunity of knowledge, networking and experience. Professionals in the industry get latest industry insight, new products information and expand their business network in the events.



EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY provide a business platform based on knowledge sharing and enhancing. Attending EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY means enriching skills, knowledge, insight, network and experience.


EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY are focused, niche and carry clear objective to the attendees and exhibitors in offering opportunity to connect and grow.


EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY are dynamic and market driven. Every edition is designed to fit into the market needs and trends.


We are regular in EXPO CLEAN since the first edition and we certainly would like to keep it that way. We are preparing for our next participation already. Save the date and don’t miss it, we are bringing you our newest products and solutions. See you at EXPO CLEAN 2022!
We are ready for EXPO LAUNDRY 2021. Alliance Laundry Systems as the world leader in Commercial Laundry Industry will show our latest innovations that bring significant difference and leadership in the market. Our team and partners are excited to meet and greet our customers and make new connections.
Laundry for the healthcare sector has been on hot list in EXPO LAUNDRY in the recent few editions. We are very happy to be invited to visit the show and met with various suppliers and vendors, join seminars and gain new knowledge. This is a very useful show.
We normally do exhibition in Japan, but compare with that, it is really crowded here and many exhibitors joining. I think we have a good opportunity to be here.
Exciting show! The variety of products and services are overwhelmingly impressive. And the organiser did a great job in arranging group visit for us to attend. Thank you.
I was impressed by the size and the quality of EXPO CLEAN. It was out of my expectations. The Exhibition, particularly for the hotel cleaning products provides me a great solution and sourcing platform. I was overall very satisfied with the exhibition.
It is actually beyond my expectations. Found many useful information and products for my line of work. Good one! Hopefully in the next year can be able re-attend this event.
It was a good show, met a few interesting people that may help move my company forward and it was a great experience sharing and information exchange to benefit everyone attending the show.
I am impressed by the quality of exhibition. With the vast variety of vendors and products, it is really a good place to meet and also compare the different products available in the market. This exhibition will sure be in my annual agenda.
The fair has been really good for us. It gives us good overview of the Indonesian laundry market.
Thank you for the warm welcome from the organiser. EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY 2019 was very informative and helped us to get information on technology in the fields of laundry and cleaning service as well as the seminars that were held to help laundry business practitioners.
EXPO CLEAN 2019 offers not only good show but also interesting program and activities; from the Association to their in-house seminars, everything was handled meticulously and professionally. We are looking forward to visiting again next year and finding more and more excellent offers.
The EXPO LAUNDRY exhibition was beneficial to our Company as it provided us with recent updates on various technologies which can be considered for our services. The event was also a great opportunity to network. We hope that this event will continue to improve.
It was a great success showcase with combination of innovative ideas and technology. Not only can we meet our affiliates from different region, we are able to grasp most updated laundry information and open the door to many potential collaboration. Thank you and keep it up.
It has always been a pleasure visiting EXPO CLEAN; This event is a good platform for us to reconnect with people from the same industry, who share the same passion. This 3-day event is not just full of the latest development in cleaning, but it is also packed with various activities from exhibitors and supporting Associations. We had a fruitful visit and we would like to come back again next year.
Congratulations to EXPO LAUNDRY 2019 for entering its 6th year. Not only does it manage to serve its purpose by gathering industry professionals under one roof, but it also manages to bring high quality conferences. It is a great opportunity to be able to share knowledge, exchanging ideas and networking with business owners and laundry enthusiasts. Looking forward to visiting EXPO LAUNDRY 2020.
The 6th edition of EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY was a huge success and we are very happy with the results we get from this visit. From cleaning equipment to hi-tech laundry systems, everything you look for in cleaning and laundry can be found in this significant EXPO. We will definitely come back to 7th edition of EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY
We believe the numbers of exhibitors increased significantly from last year and so is the audience. This show is an important business platform for every industry players to meet up and make business deals on the spot.”
This show is a good way to network and to find resources for my business. With variety products offered, EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY is a must-go show for everyone who is in need of cleaning and laundry products.”
Great Visit. We found all sorts of cleaning equipment from various suppliers. So worth our time to visit
I am truly happy attending EXPO LAUNDRY up-dating technology trend and knowledge as well as defining relationship and partnership toward my business sector in hospitality